Benefits of A Temporary Labor Job

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Benefits of A Temporary Labor Job

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There are truly countless benefits to taking on a temp job. Here are a few of the perks of working for a job placement agency.

Extra Income

The most obvious benefit is that temporary jobs bring in some income. No matter if you have a part time or full time job already, temp work is a great way to make some extra money for whatever you want the most. A few extra hours each week can go a long way towards paying off debt or allowing for a better lifestyle while attending college.

Gain Real World Work Experience

Breaking into some occupations has never been easy and some have even become harder over the years. Real life experience at a job can help you stand out from the competition when applying for permanent positions with a company. It’s a great way to add valuable work experience to your resume.

Earn Permanent Placement

Employers sometimes use job placement agencies as a no commitment way to look for people that stand out in the work place. There are many cases in which a temporary employee was later hired permanently or  recommended by temporary employers to other businesses.

Good For Those Between Jobs

Finding permanent employment that is suitable for you can take time. Working for a temporary labor agency allows you to have some cash flow while searching for a permanent position. A temporary job allows you to have something to put on your resume so there are no eyebrow raising gaps in your employment history that you have to explain when applying for future employment.

Experiment With Career Changes Or Choices

Perhaps you are ready for a career change but are not sure what path is the right one to take. A temporary labor job can allow you to explore other careers before committing to a permanent position or taking the leap to go back to school for further training.


Temp labor agencies have all kinds of jobs available so it may be easier than you might think to find one that fits in with the other obligations you must meet. Temp labor is a great choice for caregivers and parents that want to earn some part time income at a job with a schedule that is suited to their lifestyle.

Custom T&A Staffing works with job seekers and employers closely so that we are better able to place the right people in the right jobs. We also offer bonus and incentive awards, medical insurance upon hire, and vacation time to our temp employees. To apply for employment in Michigan or Louisiana, contact T&A Staffing today!

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