Why College Students Can Benefit from Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Why College Students Can Benefit from Temporary Staffing Agencies

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Temporary staffing agencies have a lot to offer people from all walks of life, but college students can find extra benefits from them. Since these agencies offer temporary positions, students can make less of a commitment than what might be required of them from a full-time career.  And that’s just part of it!

A Chance to Test the Waters

By going through a staffing agency, college students get a chance to check out their career choices. This is a better way to find out if the job is a right fit, without taking on the responsibility of a permanent commitment. While a temp job can lead to permanent work, it still leaves open the ability to change your mind about that particular career option.

Offers More Flexible Hours

College students are busy, no matter what their major. But they also need money. Taking on full-time work is impossible for most college students, and part-time work can still be too permanent and not flexible enough.

By joining a temporary staffing agency college students can be a little more picky about the hours that they want to work. If a job they go into doesn’t work out with their schedule it’s less difficult to get out of it as well, since most employment agencies are happy to swap them out for someone else and look for something more suitable to that person’s particular needs.

Serial Temps are Less Loathsome

Not only does working through a temporary staffing agency allow for more exploration,  it also makes hopping from job to job look less unappealing to future employers. It seems that most professionals in the business of college and employment see job hopping as far worse when it isn’t done through a temp agency.

Instead of being stuck for years in a job that you may decide you don’t want after a few months, college students can do better by opting for temporary work. If you end up liking it there is still a chance you can turn it into a permanent career. But if you don’t, then you don’t have to have a resume tainted with too much hopping from one job to another. The college years are a time for exploration and finding yourself, and exploring possible career paths should be part of that college experience. While many college students work as waiters or in a restaurant environment of some kind, temp work gives you the opportunity to try something that would be in a field you’d be more likely to get employed in once you have a degree.

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