What to Expect From a Temporary Staffing Agency

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What to Expect From a Temporary Staffing Agency

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When the time comes to put a resume together and secure employment, some job hunters tend to feel the need to embellish their skills in order to catch a prospective employer’s eye. If you’re trying your luck with a temporary staffing agency, exaggerating your skills and credentials could work against you by putting you in a position you’re under or over qualified for. When you meet with the employment recruiters at your temporary staffing agency for the first time, it is important to be as honest as possible about your skills and qualifications so they can better help you find a job that will cater to your skills. You can expect the staffing agent to ask you a few basic questions during your initial interview, such as:

• Have you worked in an office environment with professional business executives?
• Have you worked somewhere that requires you to support a large group of people versus one boss / executive?
• Are you most comfortable in a relaxed office setting that only requires casual dress or would you prefer to wear a suit and tie every day?

The answers you provide to these types of questions will give the agency a better picture of your soft skills. Since these aren’t questions covered on your resume, it is crucial you answer 100% honestly so the agency will know where to place you. Your quantifiable experience, such as software and typing, are known are your hard skills and are easy to tests to help you get your foot in the door somewhere. The people skills you have and the experience you’ve gained in other offices (your soft skills) may be indicative of whether or not you’ll make it on a certain assignment. Being successful requires that you have a solid mix of both hard and soft skills and be completely honest with your staffing agency to ensure you the best placement.

Multiple Opportunities

If you feel that you’ve been honest with your temporary staffing agency, but you aren’t happy with the assignment that you’ve been sent on, your staffing agent can still help provide you with alternatives that might be a better fit. You might possess all the skills required for a certain position, but the company’s environment just isn’t the right fit for you. The agency will provide you with feedback to help you improve upon your skills and find something more suitable to your skillset.
It’s important to be able to take a step back and accept constructive criticism regarding your work habits, especially after a specific position doesn’t work out. Take it as free advice that you can use to improve yourself for future full-time employment opportunities. Arming yourself with such information can not only help prepare you for your next assignment, it can make a huge impact on helping you attain your overall career goals.

Once you’ve made an appointment with your temporary staffing agency, be sure to come in prepared in order to help you secure a job as quickly as possible. Here are some tips to help employment recruiters and staffing services get you started:

• Prepare to bring a resume if you have one. If not, bring as much information about your prior work experience as possible to help you formulate one with the agency.
• It will take time for the agency to interview you, so plan to spend several hours testing and working with your agent.
• Dress up as if you were heading into work at the office. Your agent will be able to determine immediately if you need advice on proper work attire

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