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Temporary staffing agencies were once only considered a stepping stone for employees looking to permanently rejoin the workforce after being laid off. But as the economy recovered, something unforeseen has happened. Temporary employment and the use of a staffing agency has been on the rise, a trend that is continuing to gain steam and is expected to continue growing over the next several years.

Temporary employment service roles were some of the first jobs to begin seeing a resurgence as the economy began to recover, first increasing by roughly 15% between 2009-2010, and then jumping a staggering 57% between 2009-2014, according to data released by In 2015 about 3 million people held temporary positions, a number that has been estimated to rise another 13% by 2019, which would represent an increase of about 355,000 jobs. and Economic Modeling Specialists International wished to determine the country’s fastest-growing temp jobs, so they combed through a cache of data from more than 90 national and state employment resources. Although a good deal of the jobs listed pay less than $15 per hour, some positions fetch an hourly wage as high as $40 per hour. According to Eric Gilpin, President of CareerBuilder’s Staffing & Recruiting and Healthcare divisions, “Temporary employment will continue on an upward trajectory as companies look for ways to quickly adapt to market dynamics. Two in five U.S. employers expect to hire temporary or contract workers this year, which opens new doors for workers who want to build relationships with different organizations and explore career options.”

Right at the top of job listings seeing the most growth that pay $15 an hour or more are Computer Systems Analysts. Their job is to study an organization’s computer systems and procedures and formulate information systems solutions to help them operate more efficiently and effectively. The positions bring with it a solid median hourly wage of $39.15 and is expected to see a 19% growth in the field by 2019. Other temp jobs in the field, including Software Applications Developers and Computer User Support Specialists, make an appearance on the list, with a projected growth rate of 14%. Management Analyst, Accountant, and Auditor positions are expected to see similar gains, as well as Registered Nurses, Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver’s, Machinists, Construction Laborers. Administrative Assistants, and Secretaries.

Here are some of the jobs expected to see growth by 2019:
• Home Health Aides
• Gaming Dealers
• Childcare Workers
• Chefs / Restaurant Workers
• Substitute Teachers
• Demonstrators and Product Promoters
• Retail Salesperson
• Landscape and Grounds-Keeping Crew
• Taxi Drivers and Chauffeurs
• Housekeeping Cleaners
• Pharmacy Technicians
• Bakers
• Computer Systems Analyst
• Accountants and Auditors
• Management Analysts
• Computer User Support Specialists
• Software and Applications Developers
• Customer Service Representatives
• Tractor-Trailer Truck Drivers
• Registered Nurses
• Maintenance and Repair Workers
• Machinists
• Construction Laborers
• Secretaries and Administrative Assistants

If you’re seeking temporary employment services through a temporary staffing agency, there could be an excellent opportunity waiting for you right around the corner. Once you have your foot in the door at a good company, you have a chance to make a good impression and possibly earn yourself a permanent position within their ranks. For employment opportunities in your area, contact T&A Staffing and schedule an appointment by email at or call (734) 785-8968 or (888) 756-5471.

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