Finding a Job: Tips From a Staffing Agency

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January 13, 2016
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Finding a Job: Tips From a Staffing Agency

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As a temp staffing agency servicing Louisiana and Michigan, T&A Staffing knows a thing or two about the companies that are seeking employees. As someone who is doing everything they can think of to find work, it may not seem so obvious as far as what employers are looking for in an employee.

While the job search can be quite hectic, staffing agencies such as T&A Staffing are here to make the process simpler, both for employers and employees. However, some job seekers may not have all the tools that come in handy when looking for employment.

Useful Tools on the Job Search

A Quality Resume

The art of the resume is not one that should go overlooked. Having a resume that is well put together is going to properly showcase the employee and what their education and experience looks like. Don’t underestimate the power of an effective resume. Many times the employer will see the resume before they ever see the potential employee, and so in many ways it becomes the first impression the employer gets.

Look into Temp Jobs

Temp service jobs can be a great inlet into a company that is only currently able to hire for a short amount of time. Temp work has two advantages for an employee. First, it gets them a job right away so they can start making money. Secondly, starting at a temp job allows someone to potentially get on with a company further down the road when they have permanent space become available!

Dress for the Job you WANT

Many people these days dress for the job they have. A great rule in any working environment, unless there is a uniform, is to dress for the job that you want. This means dress to impress. The way we present ourselves to the world around us says everything. Someone that is seeking employment with a new job or at a staffing agency needs to dress their best. Always remember that it is better to overdress than it is to underdress.

Utilize a Staffing Agency

Staffing Agencies are here to help. In Detroit, the premiere staffing agency for temporary and permanent work is going to be T&A Staffing. We are the premiere agency for employers seeking workers and for employees that are needing work. However, the important thing to remember for anyone that needs work is that a staffing or recruitment agency is going to be very helpful when seeking work because they know the ins and the outs of the industry, and have previous relationships with the companies where they have established trust. This is going to make the process much smoother for all parties involved.

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