Interview Tips to Help You Secure Employment

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Interview Tips to Help You Secure Employment


Interviewing prospective employers can be a nerve-wracking process. Even with experience, meeting new people, selling yourself and your skills, and getting the third degree about your knowledge or lack thereof can be taxing. When you keep getting turned away and never get a call back it can start to feel like a hopeless endeavor, but perseverance is key. If you continue to go in with confidence and do your homework you’re sure to find employment eventually. Temporary staffing services can help you get connected with the right employer or resources to help obtain credentials in the field of your choosing. Even if you use staffing services, employment recruiters need you to go in armed with a wealth of knowledge and the tools (mental or physical) you need to get the job done. Here are a few tips to help secure the employment opportunity best suited for you.

Do Your Homework

If you fail the plan, plan to fail. Here in the Information Age, content is king. Companies such as Goldman Sachs and Microsoft publish quarterly reports and earning calls, and every startup company out there has a blog pumping out new information. With all the resources available out there, make sure you do your homework! Cite statistics, give answers rooted in data, and be sure to go above and beyond the information listed on the homepage.

Clean Up Your Social Media Accounts
These days a whopping 91% of employers will search your social media accounts for any red flags. Many people will tell you to scrutinize over every single thing you upload, but there’s a much easier solution out there. Using Social Sweeper, a new app that can detect pictures of things like beer bottles, red solo cups, weapons, and other suspicious looking object. Employment recruiters and temporary staffing service agencies have enough work on their hands trying to get you interviews, don’t give employers a reason to turn you away, clean it up!

Timing is Everything
Tuesday morning, 10:30 AM. That is what has been determined by Glassdoor to be the best time to schedule an interview. You have to remember your interviewer has a whole world of responsibilities beyond vetting and hiring new staff. Whether or not they employ temporary staffing services, your prospective employer will be meeting with tons of other candidates so it’s important to understand when they’ll be in the best mental state to meet you for the first time. It’s also important to take the earliest interview slot offered to you, as research show that when decisions must be made without much deliberation, the mind is almost always unconsciously and immediately guided towards the options presented first.

These are just a few of the things to consider when preparing for an interview. Remember that there is a wealth of information at your disposal if you are seeking employment or vocational education and training. Seeking temporary staffing services through an employment recruiter or any other temporary employment agency can help you immensely if you are having trouble finding a job. We offer staffing services and employment services for both employer and employee alike. Feel free to contact us anytime for assistance.

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