Should I Get a Job Through a Temp Staffing Agency?

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March 24, 2016
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April 21, 2016
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Should I Get a Job Through a Temp Staffing Agency?

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There are many reasons why getting a job through a temp staffing agency makes sense. Here are some questions to ask and things you should know about signing up with a temp agency.

It’s a Great Way to Make Extra Income

Even if you have some employment, it may be nice to have some extra income at times. A temporary staffing agency can help fill the gap left by having a part time job. Or maybe you just want to have some extra money to play with or invest? Detroit recruiters are the answer.


When you sign up with a temp staffing agency, you set your hours. Although employees with greater flexibility in their schedule often have more work opportunities, no matter what your schedule is like you may be surprised how many people need workers like you to meet their business needs.

Good Solution for Students

Going to school can make it harder to find a job that allows you to work around classes. A temp agency can work with your schedule so you can improve your income on your terms. Another important aspect to consider is that temp agencies allow students to gain valuable work experience so when they graduate they are more prepared for the working world than many of their fellow graduates.

Explore Different Fields

There are a lot of jobs available out there. If you are just starting out in the work force or if you are considering a career change then trying out different jobs at a temp agency can be a great way to explore opportunities. Working at temp staffing services can result in a greater chance of job satisfaction further down the road.

Temp Work Can Lead to Permanent Positions

It is no secret that temp agencies are used by companies to scout out hot new talent. It is convenient because the employer gets to see how someone performs in the actual workplace before going through the time and expense of acquiring and training a new hire. The worker benefits by having an opportunity to prove themselves at companies that might not otherwise consider them.

Helps Keep Gaps in Employment off your Resume

A temp job is better than a serious gap in employment history. While not all employment recruiters may see a gap as a negative, there is a good chance they are going to ask you about it. Signing up with a temp staffing service shows initiative and work are part of your set of values.

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