Qualities we look for in Restaurant Managers

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Qualities we look for in Restaurant Managers

Restaurant staff on kitchen floor.

As a temp staffing agency, understand that there are many environments and situations that our staff has to enter into. Take for instance our restaurant managers. They could be brought into many eating establishments, each with a distinct style of performing. But what unites all of these managers is the capacity to run a team for the best possible service. Here are just a few essential qualities that we look for when recruiting restaurant managers.


Strong care for Customer service

You can tell how a restaurant is handled by simply asking the customers. You barely have to ask them because the look on their face will say it all. A strong manager knows what the customers are expecting, and they always strive to exceed their expectations. It does not matter where the restaurant is located; everyone wants to have a good time and be pleased by the food and service. But obvious the manager cannot always meet with the guests to see how they are doing. It always comes down to the hands and feet of the establishment: the waiters and kitchen staff.



How a manager treats those who work below him or her not only reflects his or her character, but it also reflects upon the service given to the guests. A good leader must respect and care for each person on the staff, from the sous chef to the busboy. One key thing that they must remember is that each person is a valuable asset and if they cannot perform their job, then the whole ship falls apart. So what we look for in a manager is someone who is humble and can care for the needs of their own staff.


Enduring energy

Even the most high-end restaurants have been known to get chaotic at times. So a restaurant manager must carry the capacity to follow through any tough scenario. For instance, if there is a mix up with the order, they must be able to ignore the stress and just handle it as calmly as possible. They must be strong enough to not show any kind of worry, otherwise, the whole staff will be worried and there will be no confidence in the room.


A Reliable Force

At the end of the day, we as a temp staffing agency look for workers who can prove themselves capable enough to make a lasting impact on their work. One job leads to another, and that is why our temp staffing agency not only wants to see a person’s potential for one job, but also for future capabilities. For more information on our temp staffing services, be sure to check out our FAQ page, or contact T&A Staffing today.

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