How to Use a Staffing Agency to Make Recruitment Easier

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How to Use a Staffing Agency to Make Recruitment Easier

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Using a Staffing Agency Saves Time and Makes Recruitment Easier

If you’ve ever had to dig through hundreds of applications and resumes to find the right candidates for the job, you know it can be tedious. Followed by the interviewing process, hiring staff is a very time consuming and tiring task. Temp staffing agencies are the key to taking the stress out of hiring.

The Process of a Staffing Agency

Instead of your company putting ads on hiring sites and doing all of the interviews, the temp staffing agency does that for you. They recruit only the best candidates for the job by matching people up to the particular skill set needed to complete the work you need.

Less Time Interviewing

The fact that staffing agencies do all of the interviewing so that you don’t have to can be an asset to your company. It saves managers from needing to be preoccupied with interviews and phone calls for scheduling them. You still have the opportunity to talk to the potential worker before taking them on. This can be done one-on-one or even over the phone, knowing that they’ve already been matched to the open position.

Other Benefits of Temp Staffing Agencies

There are many reasons to add in a middle man when it comes to staffing. Not only does it save you time and help ensure you get qualified employees, but it also does the following:

  • By offering temporary staffing for workers, your company may not be required to offer medical insurance to temp employees.
  • Agencies have the uncanny ability to know the workings of the job market. This means that they are aware of the proper salaries and expectations for each job type.
  • Temp agencies offer up workers that are looking for temp jobs, rather than people that are only willing to accept something full-time.

Good for the Job Hunter

Candidates for a particular line of work are more likely to look for work through employment agencies. They know that their skill set will get recognized in this atmosphere. They also understand that their resume is less likely to get passed over among hundreds or thousands sent directly to the hiring company. These types of workers also know that their time with a company may be limited. This means they are more likely to put extra effort into the job in the hopes of staying on longer than their original temp agreement.

No matter what the reason you opt to use a temp staffing agency, it definitely takes the stress out of the hiring process. The agency you hire does all of the testing needed to make sure possible staffers meet all of the requirements to fulfill a job. That means a smaller employee turnaround for your company as well.


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