Job Placement and Staffing in the Motor City

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January 28, 2016
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Job Placement and Staffing in the Motor City

job placement and staffing

The Staffing Agencies of Detroit are in charge of getting competent employees to the companies in Detroit that are needing quality workers to perform a job. Sometimes workers are needed ASAP, and in those cases, temporary workers are provided that can fit a role and get plugged in immediately. There are also full-time employees that are available to fulfill more longtime roles. Detroit has unique needs when it comes to recruitment and employment. The Motor City is home to General Motors, Buick, and other great and successful corporations that routinely need help with employers. That is why staffing agencies such as T&A Staffing have such a big impact on the economy of Detroit.

Detroit and Employment Agencies

Detroit and Employment

The unemployment rate in Detroit is 10.2%. That means that there are plenty of available workers in the great city of Detroit. Staffing and employment agencies are working to make sure that every role is filled within the corporations and businesses that are looking for employees and workers. The goal of the staffing agency of Detroit is to turn the “unemployment” rate into an “employment” rate, and work to employ the Detroit citizens that are competent and ready for working temporary and full-time jobs.

The Motor City’s Industries

The economy of Detroit is a key pillar in the economy of the United States as a whole. The staffing agencies of our great city work to make sure that the corporations that are the foundation of this economy stay running strong and efficiently. But it’s not only the big corporations that need employees. Occasionally, a city comes along with the ability to be the backbone of a nations’ economy. While the great cities of New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles all play a major role in supporting the economy of the United States, as do many more, it cannot be denied that Detroit is a cornerstone of the United States.

Detroit’s Many Industries

Detroit is the second largest source of architectural and engineering jobs in the United States. Maybe that’s because it’s known as the automotive capital of the world. But there is more to Detroit than fancy cars and heavy duty trucks. The city’s economy has a host of other businesses and industries, each of which relies on employees, both part time and temporary, to make the wheels of these businesses turn.


T&A Staffing is the premiere recruitment agency and staffing agency in Detroit, Michigan. T&A’s services include temporary employment, full-time employment, and a host of other staffing solutions such as background checks and references. Employers that are needing more workers, and employers that require the needs of a staffing agency can turn to T&A. For staffing solutions give T&A Staffing a call at 734-785-8968

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