Your Temp Job Could Lead to a Permanent Position

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Your Temp Job Could Lead to a Permanent Position

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Not all temp services are created equally, and not all temp jobs are the same. By getting to know more about the service you are looking for work through, you can find out whether you have a chance of gaining full-time, permanent employment out of temp work. It’s likely that many of the companies a temp agency works with will be looking for employees that they can hire in a more permanent capacity.

Let Them Know Ahead of Time

You can still get work through a temp service even if your ultimate goal is permanent employment. Let your temp staffing agency know that your ultimate goal is to find something permanent. This gives them a better understanding of what you are looking for so they can place you in positions that could lead to actual employment.

Many businesses that go through temp agencies do it so that they can test out employees before they commit to hiring them on a permanent basis. It makes it easier to weed out the workers that don’t put in as much effort as needed to get the job done.

Be an Invaluable Worker

That is why you should still put your all into the job even as temporary staff. Don’t treat a temp job any differently than you would a permanent position with a company. Show up to work on time, get the job done, and have a good attitude while you’re there.

By proving you are an indispensable worker you will be more likely to get hired by the company you are temping at. If they hire temps as actual employees then they want only the people that are most valuable to their team.

Don’t Get Discouraged

Not all temp jobs are going to lead to a regular job, and you wouldn’t want all of them to either. Some places hire temps because they really only need people during certain seasons. Even if you have to go through a few jobs to get to the one that is right for you, stick it out.

Just like working for temp services allows you to test the waters with a job or company, it also lets the company test you out. Hiring temporary workers lets a company keep running with a full staff while finding the workers that will be best suited to a permanent position. Just like you want a job that lasts, they want to find employees that will work well and stay for a long time.

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