What Does A Temp Staffing Agency Do for Job Seekers?

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February 25, 2016
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What Does A Temp Staffing Agency Do for Job Seekers?

temp agency detroit

A temporary staffing agency is very helpful to any job seeker. Here are some of the reasons you should consider working for a temporary staffing agency to increase your appeal in the job market.


Obviously, if you are looking for a job, then some income is a nice thing to have. Temporary staffing agencies can provide a great way to earn some money while looking for a more permanent position. This income can help you stay in the job market and earn money after a layoff or another event. Some people use temporary staffing agencies as a resource for some extra work in addition to their full-time position.

Temporary Leads To Permanent

It is no secret that companies use temporary staffing agencies to find highly skilled employees to recruit into permanent positions within their business.  Just having a degree is not enough for some jobs. Real world experience and showing an employer that you have what it takes can lead to career success.

Variety and Excitement

If you want to explore the job market then a temporary employment agency can provide you with a lot of different fun and exciting jobs. Exploring different types of companies and jobs can help you make better long-term career choices. This allows a job seeker to explore without the harsh circumstances that can come from taking a job only to feel stuck in a position you don’t care for.

Flexible Hours

If you need work at particular times, then a staffing agency can take this into consideration and find opportunities for you. This is a great thing if you are a parent or a student that would like to have some part time income or gain skills and experience for long term opportunities and success.


Working for a temp staffing service can provide valuable opportunities for networking. Meeting people can help you see what is truly out there. Networking can lead to jobs at other companies or contract work.

Offers A Smoother Career Transition

Some people find success by working part time for a temp agency while working another job or attending classes. Gaining real workplace experience can help make a smoother transition for those that desire a major career change at some point in their lives.

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