Who Needs Temporary Employment Services?

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December 16, 2015
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Who Needs Temporary Employment Services?

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Workers in the Motor City take pride in their integrity and commitment to excellence. Detroit is known for its working class and the way the companies based there have maintained their ability to produce quality services and products throughout the years. Auto powerhouses such as Cadillac, Chevrolet, and General Motors are based in Detroit, as well as many aerospace engineering and manufacturing companies and other businesses that are top competitors in their industry nationwide.

This is why staffing in Detroit and southeast Michigan is such an honor and a privilege. Detroit recruiters have the ability to choose from a group of many hard-working and talented individuals when obtaining temporary employees for companies in Michigan that need more help.

The benefit of a temp agency is that it allows a company to fill needs that are short-term. Temp employees can be experienced in several industries and have a plethora of knowledge to be able to contribute to a company. Many employers wonder what industries or jobs a temp agency is able to fill. It is time that that question gets answered in more detail.

5 Main Employment Services


The manufacturing industry is one of Detroit’s major industries. Being able to provide temporary employees to the automobile manufacturers here in the city is one of the great prides of temp agencies in the area, especially for those at T&A Staffing. Some of the areas in which these businesses require assistance is with Assemblers, Inventory Controllers, and Foundry workers. The automobile industry is one of the pillars on which the economy of Detroit is sustained, so it is critical that it has the employees it needs that can do the job right.

Office and Clerical Work

There is more than enough clerical work to be done in a city as booming as Detroit. One of the key positions in an office or business that keeps everything else running smoothly is the receptionists and administrative assistants that filter through those walking in the front door and also answer phone calls. An experienced secretary can ensure that the office is efficient in how it handles those they come into contact with. T&A Staffing also provides data entry workers for businesses like medical offices or other companies that require help with their

Special Events

Temporary staffing agencies specialize in special events, because they are not always long-term projects and sometimes a company only needs employees for a particular night. The setup and cleanup of an event is one of the most time consuming parts of putting together a corporate event or party. Having a staffing agency supply quality, experienced workers that can put together an event right is one of the big advantages of having a staffing agency.

Food & Hospitality

Experienced bartenders and sous chefs are some of the most sought after workers in the staffing industry. However, all the workers that make a restaurant run are needed and temp agencies are able to provide each of them. It is important for workers in this industry to have experience, but also to be professional and carry themselves with excellence. Detroit is a booming town with a great need for workers that provide quality food service.

Restoration Work

General laborers and landscapers are needed because of their expertise in their particular field. In Detroit and southeastern Michigan there is snowfall in the winter, leaves falling in the fall, and grass to be cut during the summer. Each season provides an array of difficulties to homeowners and businesses that need to maintain a professional image to customers and clients. T&A Staffing is able to provide businesses with permanent and temporary employees for all sorts of restoration work as well, not just landscaping.

These are just a few of the many industries that many times need help with staffing and employment services. In Detroit T&A Staffing is able to provide permanent and temporary staffing services for all these needs and more! Call today at 855-863-2203!

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