Testing Out Potential Employees with Temporary Staffing

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June 21, 2016
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Testing Out Potential Employees with Temporary Staffing

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Hiring a new employee is a big decision.  Will they fill the shoes of the previous employee?  Do they really have all of the qualifications they say they do?  Are they in this for the long haul?  With so many factors to influence whether or not you should hire someone, actually making a decision can seem virtually impossible.  Well here comes temporary staffing to the rescue.  Temporary staffing allows you almost all of the benefits of hiring a new employee quickly with almost none of the detriments of making a hasty decision.  Below, we are going to outline some of the benefits that temporary staffing offers employers.

Gain Greater Understanding Of The Position

Depending on the uniqueness and/or novelty of your company, you may be trying to fill positions that are rather unprecedented.  There is a general code as to what goes into being a good waiter.  There are less guidelines, however, as to what the ad man at your tech startup is responsible for.  Having a temporary staffer in those unprecedented positions will help you gain a better understanding of what type of employee would need to fill such a role, meaning that you can make a better and more informed decision when choosing to hire someone permanently.

No Pressure

In most jobs, there is some sort of trial period under which it is completely lawful and understandable to fire someone if they aren’t exactly what you expected.  Though this is not an unusual thing and employers should feel completely comfortable exercising their right to get what they paid for, some people still feel a sense of guilt in firing a new employee.  This is both counterproductive and silly.  In hiring a temporary staffer, both of you are aware that they’ll only be working for you for a short period of time, so firing them won’t carry the same weight.

They Might Be Perfect

Sometimes, hiring is just a numbers game.  In a pool of so many applicants for certain jobs, you could be overloaded with options, failing to make a quick decision for the fear of making the wrong one.  Because of the low pressure of using temporary staffing services, you hire someone more quickly, and they could turn out to be great.  Though a job may begin as temporary, with the right salary and benefits, you could turn a great temporary employee into a permanent member of your team.

Finding quality employees can be hard, so trust Custom T&A Staffing to match you with great workers today.

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