Thinking About Temporary Work Like An Open Curriculum

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June 7, 2016
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Thinking About Temporary Work Like An Open Curriculum

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When kids near the end of high school and have to decide where they want to attend college, their decision usually comes down to a few key factors.  Location, size, and strong programs present at varying schools are typical elements to take into account, but what about how open the curriculum is?  In other words, how much freedom are you going to have in college to not just take classes in one concentration, but in everything, so that you can get a real taste for what you like?  Most large universities require students to apply to a specific college within that university, meaning that they must choose a path from the beginning.  If not in the application process, then within the first few weeks of school, college freshmen may have to decide what they’d like to concentrate on with little room for other interests to find space to flourish.  At small liberal arts colleges, some of them at least, they have open curriculums in which there are little to no requirements which govern what classes you must take.  Schools that allow students to make more decisions for themselves typically breed students who choose paths based on what they love rather than what they feel they should go into.  Finding temporary work through a temp agency can be thought of like having the luxury of an open curriculum job market.

As an employment temp agency, we understand and extol the virtues of being able to try out a lot of different jobs without getting stuck in one too quickly.  And keep in mind that even though you may have wound up studying one thing in college, you can still change what field you want to work in.  You can think of your experience in temp work as an extension of your college career, but now you are making money while you learn.  Thinking about new jobs as learning opportunities will make you feel like you’re being paid to go to school, which is a pretty cool prospect.

Feeling limited or trapped is something that very few people like.  Whether it’s feeling like you didn’t have the opportunity to indulge all of your different interests in college or whether you feel like you might get stuck in one career too early on, an opportunity that affords you diversity in learning like working with a staffing services agency is one that you shouldn’t pass up.

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