Top Paying Jobs for Workers With a High School Diploma

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April 12, 2017
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May 10, 2017
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Top Paying Jobs for Workers With a High School Diploma


It has been established that in the United States the most direct path toward a future with financial stability is a college degree. When considering a career path, people often overlook the fact that there are many jobs open to workers with a high school diploma. Some of these jobs, particularly the ones that require an apprenticeship or in-depth training, can still provide strong wages. There are currently 115 occupations recognized by the Bureau of Labor Statistics which require a high school diploma and offer an hourly wage of at least $20 an hour. Roughly 70% of these jobs actually require any kind of long-term on-the-job training or apprenticeships, but there are still a solid 30% of jobs that would only require short term training or basic skills. Seeking temporary staffing services through a temporary staffing agency can also help you get your foot in at a company. Please keep in mind that requirements for any type of entry-level employment will vary based on your geography and your employer. While some prospective employers may not require prior experience or training, many others will ask that you have several years of prior work experience in the field.

Consider a few of the following jobs if you’re looking for a decent job with a high school diploma

1. Delivery Driver – All sorts of companies need delivery drivers, whether it be on a local, regional, or even national level. If your driver’s license and your criminal record are clean, you’ll be eligible for these sort of jobs. Delivering for a company can help get your foot in the door, affording you the opportunity to work towards a higher position within their ranks.

2. Garbage Collector – There are people who turn their nose up at a job like this, but garbage collectors are well taken care of. As long as you have some physical stamina and you’re willing to wake up at the crack of dawn to start the day, a waste management career will offer you insurance benefits, paid holidays off, and a modest annual salary.

3. Bill Collector – The projected employment rate for bill collectors is expected to grow an estimated 19% over the next 10 years. While you do need to be able to effectively communicate over the phone and hold some sort of customer service skills, these positions usually only require the candidate to have a high school diploma.

4. Bartender – Most established bars and restaurants will expect you to have a bartender’s license, but a career in bartending requires no more than a high school diploma. Working late shifts behind a bar can be difficult, you will be working a lot of late nights where you will need to keep an eye on your patrons. Bartenders can be held responsible if a patron drinks too much and gets arrested or harms someone, so it is important to be diligent about not serving people who seem like they’ve probably had enough.

5. Security Guard – Being a security guard encompasses the scope of more than just chasing down kids and unruly teenagers through the mall. Security jobs include secure transporters and protective sentries. Basic security jobs only require a high school diploma and a clean record, but more serious positions will require you to obtain a firearms license, pass safety courses, and keep up to date with first aid and any other certifications necessary to fulfill your duties.

Not everyone can afford to go to college right out the gate when they enter adulthood. Try some different things, take a job that might play to some of your strengths. If you’re having trouble finding employment consider finding temporary staffing services through a temporary staffing agency, there are always companies with an immediate opening that need to be filled on a temporary basis. Many of these jobs will help you get a foot in the door with a decent company.

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