Working with a Temp Agency: What to Tell Your Recruiter

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Working with a Temp Agency: What to Tell Your Recruiter

Just like any other work opportunities, temporary work has several benefits. Mostly, it is a quick solution to an immediate job requirement. But apart from this, temporary work also allows individuals to open a wider network and be exposed to abundant job offers and opportunities compared to those that are already hired as a regular employee. As it is, this kind of job hunting channel has its pros and cons and this would bring us to the topic of what are the essential things to discuss with an employment recruiter.

Things to discuss with a temporary employment agency recruiter:

  1. Inquire about the employer or the company who is hiring. This is important so that you will know where you are going to be assigned and what are the job expectations.
  2. Set all expectations straight from the beginning. Make sure you understand the process of going through a temp agency, how they operate and process applicants. Secure all the needed requirements on your end to avoid going back and forth to the agency and potentially waste time.
  3. Make it clear from the beginning that you greatly appreciate transparency and open communication to avoid misunderstanding, especially when it comes to negotiation of salary and other benefits (in case there are).
  4. Make sure that your employment recruiter knows that you intend to track where your resume is going and what kind of companies it is being submitted to. This will allow you to prepare accordingly depending on the position and the type of company you are about to be screened and interviewed in.
  5. Lastly, discuss how placements will happen and when will their service start and stop. It is important that you know the recruitment cycle of a temp agency. This will create greater opportunities for you.

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